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Our August Book of the Month is Here

Our Book of the Month for August is The Case for India by Will Durant, a sobering look at the horrible atrocities committed by the British Empire against India and its people.

The book was written in 1930 but still holds valuable lessons for us today. How do we as a society come to terms with past crimes and injustices committed by various rapacious empires? How do we move forward and work through intergenerational colonial trauma passed from our great-grandparents to our grandparents to our parents to us?

How do we make sure that accurate and decolonized Indian history is taught in world history classes in India and the U.S.? How can we make sure that academia takes into account the perspective of the formerly colonized, not just the former colonizers?

All these questions and more are important to talk about openly and transparently. We hope the discussion is just beginning. Please feel free to comment below with your thoughts!

Click here to order The Case For India by Will Durant.

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I keep a running list (updated monthly) of Indian history and current affairs books on the HCF forums. Will Durant's book is one of them. Please check it out and like/comment on it if you find it useful:


For whoever is reading, I've found AbeBooks to often have great deals on India/Hinduism related books....$325 on Amazon is ridiculous!

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