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Our September 2021 Book of the Month is here!

Our Book of the Month for September 2021 is "India that is Bharat: Coloniality, Civilization, Constitution" by J Sai Deepak!

Check out this important book to learn how India is currently decolonizing itself and let us know what you think!

From the book publisher:

India, That Is Bharat, the first book of a comprehensive trilogy, explores the influence of European 'colonial consciousness' (or 'coloniality'), in particular its religious and racial roots, on Bharat as the successor state to the Indic civilisation and the origins of the Indian Constitution. It lays the foundation for its sequels by covering the period between the Age of Discovery, marked by Christopher Columbus' expedition in 1492, and the reshaping of Bharat through a British-made constitution-the Government of India Act of 1919. This includes international developments leading to the founding of the League of Nations by Western powers that tangibly impacted this journey.

Further, this work also traces the origins of seemingly universal constructs such as 'toleration', 'secularism' and 'humanism' to Christian political theology. Their subsequent role in subverting the indigenous Indic consciousness through a secularised and universalised Reformation, that is, constitutionalism, is examined. It also puts forth the concept of Middle Eastern coloniality, which preceded its European variant and allies with it in the context of Bharat to advance their shared antipathy towards the Indic worldview. In order to liberate Bharat's distinctive indigeneity, 'decoloniality' is presented as a civilisational imperative in the spheres of nature, religion, culture, history, education, language and, crucially, in the realm of constitutionalism.

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I keep a running list (updated monthly) of Indian history and current affairs books on the HCF forums. Please check it out and like/comment on it if you find it useful:


Any chance there's a book giveaway for each book of the month? On the topic of interesting books, HCF folks should also take a look at "The Great Hindu Civilization" by Pavan K. Varma.

Replying to

Like one lucky winner among the commenters on the blog announcement for the book the month get a e-book or hard copy of the book. Mini raffle/lottery. I can hope lol...

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